If she could see herself the way he does, that smile would never leave her face. ~ Mark Thompson

Song of you

How can I write the song of you, when words in rhyme cannot express, clearly divulge, nor deeply carress the sweetest of connections shared. For a pen is just an object used to scribe a language known from past. Yet the song of you is only known in a language new, yet to be shown….

Life Lesson 101: The oxygen mask

One of the most basic of life lessons, heard every time we take a flight somewhere: If you are travelling with someone who requires assistance, secure your mask first, then assist the other person. ~ Mark Thompson


I want to breathe in your breath. I want to breathe it in until I don’t even know if it’s your breath or mine that we’re inhaling; Whether it’s your breath or mine filling our lungs. ~ Mark Thompson


She was the graffiti-covered wall. Her atoms were bricks, forged in a furnace of moments, her mortar holding them tight. She was drenched in the paint of those who touched her. Layered in angst; coloured with love; splashed in memories; peeling with scars. She weathered the storms and accepted her cracks, and loved every inch…

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

She was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and oh what a journey that was for her! You see, as a wolf she had no way, to sheer the sheep ending in decay, Up against her skin in dress of red, of callous, dripping, sheepish bled. So she would tear apart the flesh of sheep, one…


Be you as fuck. ~ Mark Thompson

Wind blown

On Spring’s swirling tide, The leaf drifts upon the wind; Drifts in search of home. ~ Mark Thompson


We are all a dream in draft. MT

A universe peaking

In your design, the universe fused together every cell; tuning your all into a perfectly harmonized frequency of energy, to use as a yardstick for creating beauty. MT