Heart of gold

Her heart’s not of gold as a good heart should be. It was molded from birth through ash-filled past days, mistakes and dismay. Through times so unjust, fear-fuelled through mistrust, dripping muddy-teared faces and tempting memory erases. The lessons now known gave her heart the way, in compassionate trust to see through the storm, to…


She wore the lips he would make love to forevermore. ~ Mark Thompson


She had eyes that could burn a hole in the sun.


When she smiled, it was like every unbloomed flower had just met the first rays of Spring.


She will forever be that mystery wrapped in beauty, those secret eyes of wonder that seldom meet your gaze. A silent grace bestows her, a black swan she glides the lake, whilst beneath the surface churning; buttery salted cream. A total soul of wonder, dripping bodice of a goddess, dancing with her light and frolicking…

River girl

This is the story, about a boy drenched in the warming depths of ego-less joy. Who met a girl only known, in nightscapes dreamt, visions shown. Oh such a beautiful sight by silent river that night. She took him by surprise, he allowed a shift, climb and rise; Sweeping love through a pieced heart, allowing…


Your scent lingers still Penetrating my skin, Infused in my pores, Singing to my soul. MT