Sweet refrain

In sweet refrain she found herself observing that which held her back, by taking pause to reflect upon her inner voice – the right, the wrong. From within, she searched and found a treasure held in sunken chest, a heart that beats in love, not pain, beneath her fears, in sweet refrain. ~ Mark Thompson

Waning Sun

When his lips touched hers the sun wept for the first time, leaving a crust-laden scar across it’s face. A star now slowly dying, their star now in creation. ~ Mark Thompson


A watery grave in shifting tides in motion bound by wind and moon, upon the waves is where he thrives, complete, as one with this green room. The soulful song of swell at play, the churning bass, the crash, the boom, the blissful kiss of first sun’s light, above underworld he drifts attuned. ~ Mark…

Sun God

“Good morning my son.” said the Sun.

The land before time

A new year has emerged, and it’s apparently 2018. I often find myself in wonder of what it was like before time had a calendar; when seconds were happening; when minutes were moments; when days were set only in the sun’s passing glory. Just in the way that the rest of our blessed animal kingdom…


And as the rain came down, he imagined skies above the clouds, whilst a nearby tree sang on the wind; a song of praise and worship. A smile pierced his cheeks once more. This storm like each before was only temporary. ~ Mark Thompson

A universe peaking

In your design, the universe fused together every cell; tuning your all into a perfectly harmonized frequency of energy, to use as a yardstick for creating beauty. MT

Forest Fire

On this day when the fire god rises and begins it’s climb from slumbered dark to float beyond horizon’s edge in distant peak of burning spark. Drench and bathe in that fiery orb And dare to dream and chase the globe. Take on the all your meant to be, Let fear release in passing strobe….

Then and now

Do you remember the first time we met for the first time? I have never forgotten. It was so many lifetimes ago, centuries before we met in this world once more.  Somehow I still remember that first time, that first place.  That rocky mountainside, those wretched fields plowed, those inescapable eyes. Ever since that time…

Universal beating

In a universe forever expanding There is a heart of pure love With no bars, no walls; an unlocked door. Pathed in golden sunlight; Boundless to those who seek truth, those open to change, those in pain, energy-drained and sapped. Those who seek wonder, knowledge and adventure, laughter and joy, freedom. There is a heart…