She was the oxygen to his flame. ~ Mark Thompson


Billions of neurons firing, and the strongest of pathways are for you. ~ Mark Thompson

You are important

Don’t allow another person to walk all over you or put you down, and don’t ever make excuses for their actions.  You are worth so much more.  You have a voice, and you have feet; use them.  Those that you wish to spend your life with should encourage your growth and never cut you down…


Her smile was his only addiction. MT

Pay Attention

When self-doubt rolls along, when your fears swell within, when your journey seems stalled and your minds eye’s wearing thin. Ask that simple question, “What’s stopping me?” Then smile.   Smile at that true self, smile at that one you are, the one you’re becoming and do what that reptilian mind is telling you not…

See yourself (for what you are)

Shine bright and appreciate yourself and everything that surrounds you. Be grateful for your travels and your blocks for they have taught you so very much. Much more than you are willing to accept. Know that how you feel right now is the only thing that counts. Be with those feelings and know that change…

19,000 kilometres

My idea of you starts deep within. Where music plays and whispers sing. Where colours are born in bloody flow, Like dreamtime tales of birds, of crow. Not temple, shrine, nor sculpted stone, Nor trinket designed in your unknown. Your sequestered mess, unimagined worth. Where ideas flow in abundance, birth. And as I change and…


Believe and trust, Climb. MT

Safe word

Knots tied and twisted around your wrists, An awakening dance of lover’s bliss. Moving slowly down your trembling thighs, To check restraints, ankles in ties. Do you remember the word we spoke, Before your neck was in playful choke? A tap on board or that word in scream, Brings halted end to this sordid scene….

Where angels leapt the ground

I walked into a place, a place I never knew, from a place that was pre-wired, in hurt I thought so true; where suffering was so normal, and endurism was the glue into this place, I found myself opened up and brought anew. So in this world I ventured to see through other’s eyes, how…