Her body was the fretboard to his fingers. ~ Mark Thompson


Piercing your skin Cold-metal pressed Driving deeper Squeezing into place That sharpened lance. Importance hung Displayed for all; Exhibitioned form A reminding gift On brass button’s end. ~ Mark Thompson


Wars should not be waged between men, They should be waged between a man and his woman’s zipper. ~ Mark Thompson


In momentary bliss of entwining kiss I breath in that plume of olfactory consume, your sweet-cherished scent my guard in descent, forevermore. MT


I like your filthy mind. The way you describe that gutter is so irresistibly divine. MT


If you could see inside my mind, you would never need a mirror again. MT


The only thing I want to wear on this horizon’s blackened end, is your touch. MT

An oncoming train

It’s okay.  I must admit, Openly and honestly, I like your shit. There are times when I find myself putting down the pen to chase your lines.   At times I drift in and out of them, between and above them; Absorbed and annoyed. Annoyed? For my restless eyes and  my throbbing, migraine-riddled head start…