What if youwere going about your day,when all of a suddena giant so large,so completely unfathomable,stomped on your world,destroying everythingyou had come to know. Your home destroyed,your village, your crops,your friends, your family,life snuffed out,life disregarded,destroyed in an instant. What if wewere all antsto a giant? Think about that next time you step on an…


If a mushroom can shine, in days of shade, so can you. ~ Mark Thompson even a mushroom can shine brightly.


What if? What if you reflected momentarily on what you were doing with your life? Reflected on what was not serving you, what was and was not motivating you, and in that moment you began to notice the parts of your life that you knew just weren’t quite right. You sat in that moment, with…

Life Lesson 101: The oxygen mask

One of the most basic of life lessons, heard every time we take a flight somewhere: If you are travelling with someone who requires assistance, secure your mask first, then assist the other person. ~ Mark Thompson


Billions of neurons firing, and the strongest of pathways are for you. ~ Mark Thompson

Sun God

“Good morning my son.” said the Sun.


Piercing your skin Cold-metal pressed Driving deeper Squeezing into place That sharpened lance. Importance hung Displayed for all; Exhibitioned form A reminding gift On brass button’s end. ~ Mark Thompson

Platform one

That station, flecked in walls of gold, Tiled roof; white-marred blackened silt, Mark’s left upon from yesteryear, In beauty still, master’s hand now old Pieced together; sweet-soaked, tender toil. What a sight to see! Oh a century ago. A monument of progressive churn, Billowing flute whisking through to burn. Now no burn left, no smoking…


Not sleeping, sleeping. Awake, not awake. Red swilled numb, Paralyzed and frozen, Under gibbous gaze. In thoughts of you, In sheer delight; O’ speckled star upon the night. Missing you, Not knowing you, Not knowing you. MT