Exploding stars

And when his lips touched hers, the snow below them vanished, vanquished by the heat of wicked tongues at play. And when her lips touched his, And sparked a new beginning the sun began to slowly weep as it passed to it’s last day. ~ Mark Thompson

You can change the world

If you can inspire another person, to see the world in a more positive light, you can change the world. Through the work that you do, the smile that you wear, the words that you share, and the actions that you take; you can change the world, for them. You see, each of us has…


There is nothing better than that feeling you get when you are utterly lost in doing what you love.  You get emersed in the flow, caught up in a place where time is just a word and where troubles take a seat way back at the far end of your mind’s table.  It is freeing,…

That Spark

I’ve been meditating for a number of months now. Okay so I missed a day here and there, but in general, I’ve been enjoying the practise and finding some peace and love in the process.