When I gaze into your eyes and hear your thoughts in carefree bliss, when I grab your ass and place a hand behind your neck to pull you near, taking in your breath holding each so dear. I can feel your pulse and that sense of care, my soul caressed in conscience aware, you opened…


She was the graffiti-covered wall. Her atoms were bricks, forged in a furnace of moments, her mortar holding them tight. She was drenched in the paint of those who touched her. Layered in angst; coloured with love; splashed in memories; peeling with scars. She weathered the storms and accepted her cracks, and loved every inch…


Billions of neurons firing, and the strongest of pathways are for you. ~ Mark Thompson


Passion drives everything that we do. From our work, our play, our love. Feel it in your core, and go out and explore; your true self. You are exactly who the world needs.


She is the single, four-leaf clover in a field of three. ~ Mark Thompson

I am

Puzzles are for piecing Minds are for quieting Creative flows grow In the consciousness of being. I am. ~ Mark Thompson

Imagine Unimagined

Broken paths lay out before me, Earth breaking, shifting mercifully, Tectonic plates in motion grind. Step cautious ’round an untrained mind. Still dare to walk, new roads to face, A familiar path leads to the very same place. Take necessary steps to set on your way, Such differing steps from those yesterday. Grow wings and…

Thinking love

When I think of love, I think of you. Your hair in rain-soaked, silken mess; that dress you wear, clenched tight around your body’s song in dreamscaped sound. Your eyes engulfed in melting gaze, that inquisitive mind, that blissful maze. Oh to have you here against my chest, the us, the you, the me, the…

Rain drop

Morning bliss rain’s gentle kiss, so soft in touch on whispered breeze; sprinkling my nose with delicate perfume of moist, fresh air; that taste consumes. As I walk this path in seeping fall it gives me a chance to take in it all, and realise dear something is amiss, it’s not nature’s touch I feel…

Heart giving

When our vessel’s stripped back, so open and bare, these meshings of life, and moments we share. When our skin is torn free, bones, flesh sent to flight, when the physical self, drifts off to the night; There’s one thing that’s left, the source of all being That beats out our life, and gives you…