Linc’d In – Fly Away

Daddy, it’s a fly!  It’s dead! Oh mate, that’s no good.  Let’s pick him up and say thank you for being with us. I pick up the fly in a tissue and place it in the bin. Thank you for being with us fly.  Have a nice time in the bin. Fair assessment of the…

You are NOT my whole world

You are not my whole world You are not my everything You are you my son And that means so much more Lincoln, this life is an open book of unwritten pages and that my dear boy is never going to change.  Each chapter of life will overflow with the pen-strokes of experience and connection, and…

Blog Post 100!!! (Green Frog – audio)

I just wanted to say thank you to every single one of you for taking time to read one, all or any of my blog posts this year; from those in this fabulous online WordPress community, to family and to friends.  You are all apart of me in your stories, your ways, your hearts.  Thank you,…

Six Word Story #6

Is he dead or sleeping soundly? MT * that moment when they’re brutally quiet…


Wherever I go, there you are. For me and you, is everything I do. You inspire my way, like a distant star and if my star shines, burning bright, then yours grows too in sparkling hue. So I dance this stage, To help find your light and grow my own. MT

Real gold

Gifts like his are seldom real Drifting oceans vast, unknown; In dream-filled slumber He plays in fields Of rainbowed flowers, Of nameless mammals, In awe of wondrous how. Numb to the pain Of knowing hurt, Dressed in layers Of childish glee, Squeezed in love; Cold-pressed in joy; He is and of this world’s blessed gold….


When you’re gone, why can I feel, Your presence close, your smell so real? The changing guard, it rips my heart Tears aorta, valves, whole worlds apart. A missing piece, the touch we share, The joyful laugh, your character bare. When you’re gone it takes so much, To not get lost, not fall apart. I…

Tomorrow is Today (Captured Sons)

I’m proud of you son, Dad. Six words that have resonated with me for years. Six words etched into a tombstone at the Kanchanaburi War Memorial, Thailand. The tombstone of a 19 year old soldier. Someone’s son, someone’s world:

One Day (Imagine)

“One more song Daddy.” “Okay. Which one mate?” “Lennon.” “Imagine there’s no heaven, da-do-do-do-dooo, it’s easy if you try…” How can you say no to that?  Well, after three hours of singing John Lennon’s Imagine for what seemed like the hundredth time, spattered between

Dreaming of blue giraffes

He’s a message in a bottle locked in time out at sea. He’s a message of love, so untainted and so free: His tears are like daggers, his laughter like wine.