111 Fahrenheit

In sweltering heat your body sweats, taking charge I quench, and thirst some more. My hands they glide your body’s waves, slipping endless upon your dripping shore. ~ Mark Thompson


I want to kiss your sugar-sweet lips, until their moistness subsides, allowing your wet to rise; elsewhere. So I can taste your lips once more. MT


I like your filthy mind. The way you describe that gutter is so irresistibly divine. MT


The only thing I want to wear on this horizon’s blackened end, is your touch. MT

Tracing Lines

Luscious green Mountain air Timber cabin Maiden fair Sun departs Moon returns He examines She yearns Warming glow Log fire Whisked smiles Known desire Flame flickers Else fades Hands grasp Connections made Breathing work Music spun Lights dim Sacrifice begun Tracing lines Luscious skin Exposed nape Clavicle sin Kisses drape Maiden’s form Awaken her Laying…


Into the abyss Of cavernous bliss Where kisses get inhaled And bodies get nailed MT

Derailed (w. Poet Girl Em)

So over the past week or so I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working on the following collaboration with a fairly decent Seattle-based poet, Poet Girl Em. Now, when I say fairly decent, that is the Aussie way of downplaying someone’s talents.  Emily’s writings, musings and recordings are phenomenal and it has been an absolute pleasure…


In Winter’s frost Cold bodies share, A sumptuous meal, A delicious faire. A delicious faire? Like a feasting lion, Teeth gnashing flesh, Of a kill still dying. She wants his lead, To be enslaved, In the freezing cold Of night’s draped shade. He needs her so, Shadows to her door, They touch — a brush,…

Safe word

Knots tied and twisted around your wrists, An awakening dance of lover’s bliss. Moving slowly down your trembling thighs, To check restraints, ankles in ties. Do you remember the word we spoke, Before your neck was in playful choke? A tap on board or that word in scream, Brings halted end to this sordid scene….

Tell me how it feels

An outstretched path, strewned layers coat the floor To desire’s lustful room of sin. Beauty is taken, all of you, opened up against that mirrored door. A hand hooked leg I hold, you beckon, calling me in. Into the dripping heat, pouring down between your thighs, Whilst I watch your fingers slide into your flowing…