111 Fahrenheit

In sweltering heat your body sweats, taking charge I quench, and thirst some more. My hands they glide your body’s waves, slipping endless upon your dripping shore. ~ Mark Thompson

Future’s reminisce

She was the bulb, not quite in bloom, a petal-layered lock; her deep within. Alone in a field of similar form yet to unfold on Spring’s warming kiss, A yearn to feel that touch on skin, the gentle breeze stroking her stigma’s end, in blissful thoughts of evolving dorm, she lay warm in the light…


…and when we’re done I’ll take in the sweat on the nape of your neck; every nectar-filled drop of sweet-released pore, whilst you writhe in surrender At night’s nearing more. ~ Mark Thompson


Be you as fuck. ~ Mark Thompson

“You are beautiful”

When those words leave my lips and travel the distance between us, reaching your ears no matter if you are near or far from here, Know that I am not talking about your exterior; I am talking about your whole. ~ Mark Thompson

Colours black

The deepest vein has colour bold, Weeping blue, waiting heart’s return To rejuvenate in rich, red burn. Like gold larvae, beauty story told, To morph butterfly; the new from old. And we see the flow of colours all, The artist swirls in vibrancy, Pro Hart drenching efficacy, To form a spellbound, mural wall, A fire…


Wars should not be waged between men, They should be waged between a man and his woman’s zipper. ~ Mark Thompson

Thinking love

When I think of love, I think of you. Your hair in rain-soaked, silken mess; that dress you wear, clenched tight around your body’s song in dreamscaped sound. Your eyes engulfed in melting gaze, that inquisitive mind, that blissful maze. Oh to have you here against my chest, the us, the you, the me, the…

Rain drop

Morning bliss rain’s gentle kiss, so soft in touch on whispered breeze; sprinkling my nose with delicate perfume of moist, fresh air; that taste consumes. As I walk this path in seeping fall it gives me a chance to take in it all, and realise dear something is amiss, it’s not nature’s touch I feel…


In momentary bliss of entwining kiss I breath in that plume of olfactory consume, your sweet-cherished scent my guard in descent, forevermore. MT