Wet Paint

Never allow love’s paint to dry. Let it ooze down sweet upon your all, allow the rain to soak and mold it’s skin, in peaceful bliss brought from within. Allow it to pool in conditionless flow, like your blood and mine so entwined. Let it bleed the edges, enrich today, let it drip forevermore at…

Thinking love

When I think of love, I think of you. Your hair in rain-soaked, silken mess; that dress you wear, clenched tight around your body’s song in dreamscaped sound. Your eyes engulfed in melting gaze, that inquisitive mind, that blissful maze. Oh to have you here against my chest, the us, the you, the me, the…

Heart giving

When our vessel’s stripped back, so open and bare, these meshings of life, and moments we share. When our skin is torn free, bones, flesh sent to flight, when the physical self, drifts off to the night; There’s one thing that’s left, the source of all being That beats out our life, and gives you…

In tune

Let’s pluck this one out together. I’ll play the rhythm, you work the melody. We’ll form our song that will last for aeons. Each time that we play, we’ll change-up the words creating harmonious one; continue what has begun. MT


If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you, I would build a coin-laden staircase to the stars above,  just to gaze into your sparkling eyes once more. MT


When we find us we’ll experience it whole. ’til then we’ll wander the halls of our soul. MT

‘Smart’ phones, dumb people?

In a relatively short space of time, smart mobile devices have become almost a necessity in our day to day life.  The adoption of these devices increases each year and a recent survey found that ‘70 per cent of Australians own either a smartphone or tablet device’ (Deepend 2014, p. 10), with the majority of…