I’m glad we get to live more than once. Knowing you in a single lifetime is not nearly enough. ~ Mark Thompson


A cicada shell hits the dirt.  ~ Mark Thompson

Then and now

Do you remember the first time we met for the first time? I have never forgotten. It was so many lifetimes ago, centuries before we met in this world once more.  Somehow I still remember that first time, that first place.  That rocky mountainside, those wretched fields plowed, those inescapable eyes. Ever since that time…


In bitter cold of winter’s frost Drips the bloody trail of one life lost. A blizzard came about that day, When trailing through the mountains high, Communication lost with his last post And visibility dropped below an inch, There was no way back and no way forth For it had been hours lost in the…

Happy Mother’s Day

Never before have you sparkled so much, Your entire being dancing on the wind, Grey flecks of ash glitter golden in the Autumn sun. This is your day, your first and your last.