Just right

She was Papa Bear’s porridge. Too damn hot to be any good, making her all kinds of right. Goldilocks, it would seem, clearly fucked up. ~ Mark Thompson

Fake plastic trees

She was not a fake plastic tree. She was a flower yet to bloom, raw in beauty churned from within. A nurtured bud born from a seed, tossed in the tumultuous torrents of harsh seasons past. She was not a fake plastic tree. ~ Mark Thompson


She was the blanket, the popcorn,and Battle of the Bastards. ~ Mark Thompson


If she could see herself the way he does, that smile would never leave her face. ~ Mark Thompson

Song of you

How can I write the song of you, when words in rhyme cannot express, clearly divulge, nor deeply carress the sweetest of connections shared. For a pen is just an object used to scribe a language known from past. Yet the song of you is only known in a language new, yet to be shown….


When I gaze into your eyes and hear your thoughts in carefree bliss, when I grab your ass and place a hand behind your neck to pull you near, taking in your breath holding each so dear. I can feel your pulse and that sense of care, my soul caressed in conscience aware, you opened…

A flower awakens

A flower blossoms; made in time from decaying life. Death handpicked to return to Earth, to join what was before. To become churned aeons of past life’s dirt, to fill the bed, to sew the seed, allowing flower’s frolicking fun to begin. To eventuate into a delicate, blooming beauty, swaying to the beat of a…

Future’s reminisce

She was the bulb, not quite in bloom, a petal-layered lock; her deep within. Alone in a field of similar form yet to unfold on Spring’s warming kiss, A yearn to feel that touch on skin, the gentle breeze stroking her stigma’s end, in blissful thoughts of evolving dorm, she lay warm in the light…

Forest fire

On this day when the fire god rises beginning it’s climb from slumbered dark, to float beyond horizon’s edge in distant peak of burning spark. Drench and bathe in that fiery orb and dare to dream and chase the globe. Take on the all your meant to be, Let fears release in passing strobe, Aware…