Wet Paint

Never allow love’s paint to dry. Let it ooze down sweet upon your all, allow the rain to soak and mold it’s skin, in peaceful bliss brought from within. Allow it to pool in conditionless flow, like your blood and mine so entwined. Let it bleed the edges, enrich today, let it drip forevermore at…


In patience, A swing creaks Gently in the breeze, Rust-laden from playful wear, Longingly waiting for that knowing smile, Your childish spark to overflow Spilling in joyful amaze, Draped in delight, Heart-inspired. You run towards, Simple pleasure excites you, Your approach halted; fears sweep, Rust spells danger you once heard. A child cries.  Pleasure taken…

The proposition

“Come over.” He told her. “I have nothing to wear.” She replied. His response was perfect.  MT

In tune

Let’s pluck this one out together. I’ll play the rhythm, you work the melody. We’ll form our song that will last for aeons. Each time that we play, we’ll change-up the words creating harmonious one; continue what has begun. MT

Tracing Lines

Luscious green Mountain air Timber cabin Maiden fair Sun departs Moon returns He examines She yearns Warming glow Log fire Whisked smiles Known desire Flame flickers Else fades Hands grasp Connections made Breathing work Music spun Lights dim Sacrifice begun Tracing lines Luscious skin Exposed nape Clavicle sin Kisses drape Maiden’s form Awaken her Laying…

A-Z: The understudy’s yearn

A Burning Candle Drips Essence From Guarded Halls, Illuminating Joy-filled Knights Lancing Maidens Nearing Orgasmic Pleasure. A Questioning, Rogue Soy taper Toys with the Understudy Venting on Wood; Xylographing Yearning Zebras. MT


Slide metal gleefully. Excitement grows, smiling faces beam.