The worst addiction you can ever have, is none at all. MT

The trigger

The gun holds no trigger Compared to the mind, When a heart’s all but lost, Only hate’s left to find. Lone wolf? Extreme terror? Matters not, labelled name, Past struggles untraced, Just one person to blame? The broken bleeds from, The media, peer, parent Socio-culturally drenched, In ideas so abhorrent. When society fails the sick,…


You Are complex. A jumbled splendour of unique, puzzling pieces. Each one beautifully crafted. From frame’s edge, complete, inside you. MT


Like a tangled mess of vines, Your complexity weaves paths of intrigue across my ever curious mind. Jasminum or Lantana?

Travelling on Cityrail

Herded cattle,
Eyes on glass,
Ears plugged in.
A bustling train, so empty.
The walking dead.