Just right

She was Papa Bear’s porridge. Too damn hot to be any good, making her all kinds of right. Goldilocks, it would seem, clearly fucked up. ~ Mark Thompson


Passion drives everything that we do. From our work, our play, our love. Feel it in your core, and go out and explore; your true self. You are exactly who the world needs.


Her body was the fretboard to his fingers. ~ Mark Thompson

10,000 visitors

10,000 visitors to my blog since my reconnection with writing began in Feb last year!  Over 200 posts; the WordPress community is truly a hive of delicious honey. I have so much appreciation for all of you who have inspired, read and enjoyed my musings and words. Much love to you all especially during this…


One day you will find a place, where everything makes sense and everything feels right. A place of absolute knowing; of total connectivity. It may be found in a moment of awe, in the pages of a book, in pursuits of passion, in the warmth of a smile. And you will know that place, like…

In tune

Let’s pluck this one out together. I’ll play the rhythm, you work the melody. We’ll form our song that will last for aeons. Each time that we play, we’ll change-up the words creating harmonious one; continue what has begun. MT

> UY Scuti

Even the biggest, the brightest of stars, burns e’er so dim, compared to you. For you are a star, not in the making; you are a star in all of your being. I would burn my lips for a taste of yours, send my hands to ash to caress your flesh; I would sweat your…


His heart and hers, played the same soulful tune. There song was never for the soloist’s weeping harp. MT


When my eyes met hers and gazed upon that soul, it was then that I learned to appreciate the gift of sight like never before. MT Always eat your carrots.


He was like stone and she, like flint. Apart they could be, but together they sparked in passionate dance; fierce, fiery romance. MT