Timeless taste

And when she was done so was he, as he placed a hand upon her chest coming to rest on her racing heart, not ever apart, in this moment’s bliss. And when he was done so was she, her subtle plume, oh that sweet perfume in glowing grace, filling the room, transcending the void with…


A toddler immersed in deepened sleep The morning’s waves on glassy bay A rooster’s call well before dawn’s break The piercing wind on windless day. The fridge in hum, mid blackout’s pitch The blooming bulb’s growth on sun’s ray Rusting tractor’s toil in paddock green A non-present thought in this present scene. ~ Mark Thompson

I am

Puzzles are for piecing Minds are for quieting Creative flows grow In the consciousness of being. I am. ~ Mark Thompson


You’re not ever done; The tree is still growing. ~ Mark Thompson


You are reborn, not in death but in seconds; every moment of your life. Your thought just now, was a thought just then. Tick. That second, just then, is over.


I passed by a rock climbing centre yesterday and had this sudden urge to try it.  So tonight I dragged my dear sister out and we climbed and talked and climbed some more.  It was amazing.  So many foot holds and hand holds to choose from, so many paths to take to the top.  …