The Banyan Tree

The banyan tree danced in gentle sway long before this urbanised decay took its place; the selfish choice of man, with a need for more – a master plan? The banyan grew in twists of knowing, knotted in fear; man’s need for growing, and whilst now saved from the sap-drenched axe, others made way for…

Tree of life

That tree of life so old and wise has seen so much beneath it’s ‘guise. The prosperous churn of the human burn, imploding itself in changes bold, no sense of life in new from old. Just ignorance cast On journey’s past. That tree of life looks on in fear as we the man leave nature…


I sit with the darkness of night’s shadows with water weeping under full moon’s cast, so gentle the waves in lapping shallows, contrasting cricket’s stridulating blast. A passing dolphin pod stirs up this scene, the bull in call, splashing in youthful play. Crickets in unison give a pause; serene. No song and no splash! A…


A cicada shell hits the dirt.  ~ Mark Thompson

Souls entwined

Together let us sow the seed, in this tender garden bed of life, and grow from roots in fertile soil, and sprout loves bloom in moonlight pale. Our shape entwined in that first kiss, branching out to take in all’s to see, limbs dance as one, upon life’s wind, ne’er letting this bloom so sweet…


In wind-swept, rustling chatter, drifts leaves of golden brown; those naked limbs for all to see, standing bare in soft sun’s shroud. Yet you stand tall, against the tide of this season’s changing bliss; a reminder song in evergreen, of the growth in Spring’s first kiss. MT


The worst addiction you can ever have, is none at all. MT


Oh delicious perfume of pending pour, such subtle still of cool wind’s kiss; Breathed in to soak these souls in yearn, the taste of rain, so fresh, so crisp. MT


The sky’s at peaceful flight tonight. The moon’s face so warm and sound, Curled up beneath the blankets thick Of gentle, rolling clouds. Cry softly down upon this world Oh that breeze, take in this feast. A prelude show to near Summer rain, The moistness and the heat. MT * Such a beautiful night.  Sitting…