The worst addiction you can ever have, is none at all. MT


It was just like the beginning, Every time they met. Mark Thompson

Thinking simplistically

It was the chicken. How can you have an egg without the chicken? This conversation is over. MT


In her eyes he saw adventures yet to be taken; whole worlds yet to explore. MT


When you realise That the person you want Most in your life Comes from no external source, That that person Sits inside you, That’s when life turns And growth begins, And never ends. Be completely you. Be your strength Your kindness Your happiness Your sadness Your overflowing, Caring self, To you and to others. Take…


Never plan for tomorrow, Only for later today. For when the clock strikes twelve, Guess what day it is? Stay present, you  fucking  amazing  people. ❤🌞 MT


A mirror, broken or not Reflects your thoughts Never your image. MT


Sometimes people come into your life for a while.  Sometimes for the better and other times for the worst.  When we disconnect from them that is when you can look back over the lessons learnt.  Look back and understand why they were there in the first place,