Billions of neurons firing, and the strongest of pathways are for you. ~ Mark Thompson


Followed flight of Ulysses flutter Charting trails in Knowing winds More tired bliss Yearning flight Melting slowly Into Night’s wept Dream MT


We all begin life in exactly the same way. Our environment shapes us,  Our mind forms us, and  Our heart defines us; All of which are very much malleable. MT


A mirror, broken or not Reflects your thoughts Never your image. MT

The trigger

The gun holds no trigger Compared to the mind, When a heart’s all but lost, Only hate’s left to find. Lone wolf? Extreme terror? Matters not, labelled name, Past struggles untraced, Just one person to blame? The broken bleeds from, The media, peer, parent Socio-culturally drenched, In ideas so abhorrent. When society fails the sick,…

Fresh paint

An empty hallway sweeps long howls of echoing silence down to the open door. Haunting memories reverberate within breaking gaping wounds once more. Past secretes from this place, a troubled mind left to berate. Darkness envelopes that single bulb when the angels dare not enter the gate. In lonely stroll of wandered halls wait struggling…