Sweet refrain

In sweet refrain she found herself observing that which held her back, by taking pause to reflect upon her inner voice – the right, the wrong. From within, she searched and found a treasure held in sunken chest, a heart that beats in love, not pain, beneath her fears, in sweet refrain. ~ Mark Thompson


A watery grave in shifting tides in motion bound by wind and moon, upon the waves is where he thrives, complete, as one with this green room. The soulful song of swell at play, the churning bass, the crash, the boom, the blissful kiss of first sun’s light, above underworld he drifts attuned. ~ Mark…


What if? What if you reflected momentarily on what you were doing with your life? Reflected on what was not serving you, what was and was not motivating you, and in that moment you began to notice the parts of your life that you knew just weren’t quite right. You sat in that moment, with…

Life Lesson 101: The oxygen mask

One of the most basic of life lessons, heard every time we take a flight somewhere: If you are travelling with someone who requires assistance, secure your mask first, then assist the other person. ~ Mark Thompson


I sit with the darkness of night’s shadows with water weeping under full moon’s cast, so gentle the waves in lapping shallows, contrasting cricket’s stridulating blast. A passing dolphin pod stirs up this scene, the bull in call, splashing in youthful play. Crickets in unison give a pause; serene. No song and no splash! A…

The land before time

A new year has emerged, and it’s apparently 2018. I often find myself in wonder of what it was like before time had a calendar; when seconds were happening; when minutes were moments; when days were set only in the sun’s passing glory. Just in the way that the rest of our blessed animal kingdom…


A toddler immersed in deepened sleep The morning’s waves on glassy bay A rooster’s call well before dawn’s break The piercing wind on windless day. The fridge in hum, mid blackout’s pitch The blooming bulb’s growth on sun’s ray Rusting tractor’s toil in paddock green A non-present thought in this present scene. ~ Mark Thompson


Even magic carpets have loose threads. ~ Mark Thompson 

Imagine Unimagined

Broken paths lay out before me, Earth breaking, shifting mercifully, Tectonic plates in motion grind. Step cautious ’round an untrained mind. Still dare to walk, new roads to face, A familiar path leads to the very same place. Take necessary steps to set on your way, Such differing steps from those yesterday. Grow wings and…


She was cherry lipstick for the soul, Aloe vera on sunburnt skin. She was the ocean breeze. ~ Mark Thompson