A watery grave in shifting tides in motion bound by wind and moon, upon the waves is where he thrives, complete, as one with this green room. The soulful song of swell at play, the churning bass, the crash, the boom, the blissful kiss of first sun’s light, above underworld he drifts attuned. ~ Mark…

Future’s reminisce

She was the bulb, not quite in bloom, a petal-layered lock; her deep within. Alone in a field of similar form yet to unfold on Spring’s warming kiss, A yearn to feel that touch on skin, the gentle breeze stroking her stigma’s end, in blissful thoughts of evolving dorm, she lay warm in the light…

Forest fire

On this day when the fire god rises beginning it’s climb from slumbered dark, to float beyond horizon’s edge in distant peak of burning spark. Drench and bathe in that fiery orb and dare to dream and chase the globe. Take on the all your meant to be, Let fears release in passing strobe, Aware…


She had eyes that could burn a hole in the sun.

Your light

Is that the sun’s reflection on the moon tonight, or is it your light peering upon it? MT


If you could see inside my mind, you would never need a mirror again. MT

That Spark

I’ve been meditating for a number of months now. Okay so I missed a day here and there, but in general, I’ve been enjoying the practise and finding some peace and love in the process.