Fake plastic trees

She was not a fake plastic tree. She was a flower yet to bloom, raw in beauty churned from within. A nurtured bud born from a seed, tossed in the tumultuous torrents of harsh seasons past. She was not a fake plastic tree. ~ Mark Thompson


She was the oxygen to his flame. ~ Mark Thompson

Wet Paint

Never allow love’s paint to dry. Let it ooze down sweet upon your all, allow the rain to soak and mold it’s skin, in peaceful bliss brought from within. Allow it to pool in conditionless flow, like your blood and mine so entwined. Let it bleed the edges, enrich today, let it drip forevermore at…

Waning Sun

When his lips touched hers the sun wept for the first time, leaving a crust-laden scar across it’s face. A star now slowly dying, their star now in creation. ~ Mark Thompson


If a mushroom can shine, in days of shade, so can you. ~ Mark Thompson even a mushroom can shine brightly.


What if? What if you reflected momentarily on what you were doing with your life? Reflected on what was not serving you, what was and was not motivating you, and in that moment you began to notice the parts of your life that you knew just weren’t quite right. You sat in that moment, with…

Forest fire

On this day when the fire god rises beginning it’s climb from slumbered dark, to float beyond horizon’s edge in distant peak of burning spark. Drench and bathe in that fiery orb and dare to dream and chase the globe. Take on the all your meant to be, Let fears release in passing strobe, Aware…

I wish I was a bee

I wish I was a bee so that I could kiss my face into your delicious bulb, making love to it intensely, ’til your sweet nectar starts to flow. I wish I was a bee so that I could tickle your sunlit petals, with the winds of busy wings, sending vibrations deep down to your…

Sun God

“Good morning my son.” said the Sun.


A rock once thrived with life. ~ Mark Thompson