10,000 visitors

10,000 visitors to my blog since my reconnection with writing began in Feb last year!  Over 200 posts; the WordPress community is truly a hive of delicious honey. I have so much appreciation for all of you who have inspired, read and enjoyed my musings and words. Much love to you all especially during this…


How you perceive the world is how you perceive the world. ~ Mark Thompson

Twilight’s rest

Love that was shared is never lost at all. Ever cherished moments alway fill, This ruptured heart’s enduring skin; Like driftwood let only bad rescind. Let the good flow still on twilight’s rest, That smile found; that head on chest. As days depart and darkness falls, Love that was shared is never lost at all….


We all have hard days and life is certainly not easy.  So when you feel worn and tired, take some time to reflect on what you have achieved so far and really feel the appreciation for those that have travelled with you on your journeys.  Be thankful for everything that you have; listen to that music…


The sky’s at peaceful flight tonight. The moon’s face so warm and sound, Curled up beneath the blankets thick Of gentle, rolling clouds. Cry softly down upon this world Oh that breeze, take in this feast. A prelude show to near Summer rain, The moistness and the heat. MT * Such a beautiful night.  Sitting…

See yourself (for what you are)

Shine bright and appreciate yourself and everything that surrounds you. Be grateful for your travels and your blocks for they have taught you so very much. Much more than you are willing to accept. Know that how you feel right now is the only thing that counts. Be with those feelings and know that change…

Born into pitch black

​ Imagine the imagery we would lack If we were all born into pitch black. In muted silence, taste unknown, Into intangible realms of nothing. MT Every expression, every spark comes from somewhere.  Be forever inspired by your surrounds.  We are so very fortunate.

Where angels leapt the ground

I walked into a place, a place I never knew, from a place that was pre-wired, in hurt I thought so true; where suffering was so normal, and endurism was the glue into this place, I found myself opened up and brought anew. So in this world I ventured to see through other’s eyes, how…

Through your eyes

Through your eyes we see the world now, two decades it has been. You gave the ultimate sacrifice to someone so unseen. Forever and always grateful for the precious gift you gave. The gift of sight from two held dear, now buried in the grave. Two children, total strangers, now bound to me as one….