A flower awakens

A flower blossoms; made in time from decaying life. Death handpicked to return to Earth, to join what was before. To become churned aeons of past life’s dirt, to fill the bed, to sew the seed, allowing flower’s frolicking fun to begin. To eventuate into a delicate, blooming beauty, swaying to the beat of a…

Future’s reminisce

She was the bulb, not quite in bloom, a petal-layered lock; her deep within. Alone in a field of similar form yet to unfold on Spring’s warming kiss, A yearn to feel that touch on skin, the gentle breeze stroking her stigma’s end, in blissful thoughts of evolving dorm, she lay warm in the light…

Remembering the future

You can remember your future, just as you remember the past. ~ Mark Thompson A simple, yet powerful sentence passed on to me yesterday.  200th post, thanks for visiting!

Future’s Kiss

There will never be a future occurrence of your heart beating next to mine. No fingers entwined, eyes locked on yours, staring into your rich veins of depth.