When she smiled, it was like every unbloomed flower had just met the first rays of Spring.


It makes me ache when I think of you. Not being here, not being near. But in knowing that you are within, it nourishes my soul and kindles my heart. Deep within my core, to a depth unknown even unto myself, there you lie – safe. In the ascending warmth of Shephard tone afloat, in…

Heart giving

When our vessel’s stripped back, so open and bare, these meshings of life, and moments we share. When our skin is torn free, bones, flesh sent to flight, when the physical self, drifts off to the night; There’s one thing that’s left, the source of all being That beats out our life, and gives you…

Portals – Kučka & Rachel Archibald

Mind exploding, Exotic drifting, Dreams entranced, Expanding BASS! Birds chirp Whilst soul progresses Sending vibrations Deep within. Feeling whole Whilst another bleeds A delightful pulse, an Audio-visual blend. Burnt to core, with Whole soul body bliss, I die again in your Abyss. Two beautifully eclectic minds.  Thank you. MT