…and when we’re done I’ll take in the sweat on the nape of your neck; every nectar-filled drop of sweet-released pore, whilst you writhe in surrender At night’s nearing more. ~ Mark Thompson

Timeless taste

And when she was done so was he, as he placed a hand upon her chest coming to rest on her racing heart, not ever apart, in this moment’s bliss. And when he was done so was she, her subtle plume, oh that sweet perfume in glowing grace, filling the room, transcending the void with…

> UY Scuti

Even the biggest, the brightest of stars, burns e’er so dim, compared to you. For you are a star, not in the making; you are a star in all of your being. I would burn my lips for a taste of yours, send my hands to ash to caress your flesh; I would sweat your…


When my eyes met hers and gazed upon that soul, it was then that I learned to appreciate the gift of sight like never before. MT Always eat your carrots.

Sunset ne’er

Do I miss the night, The moon’s soft glow, the flickering stars, the serene dark cast? For when I open my eyes and they meet yours and I gaze upon that smiling adore; our sun takes flight, all day, all night e’er shining bright, enveloping moonlight, I don’t miss at all, that blackened sprawl of…


In momentary bliss of entwining kiss I breath in that plume of olfactory consume, your sweet-cherished scent my guard in descent, forevermore. MT

Your light

Is that the sun’s reflection on the moon tonight, or is it your light peering upon it? MT


I would drown myself in your soul-filled eyes and slip away from here drenched; quenched in knowing such a beautiful demise. MT


I like your filthy mind. The way you describe that gutter is so irresistibly divine. MT