Passion drives everything that we do. From our work, our play, our love. Feel it in your core, and go out and explore; your true self. You are exactly who the world needs.


The only thing I want to wear on this horizon’s blackened end, is your touch. MT

Senses @ NAS

Start your story With one sense heightened Immerse in sound Let your mind awaken. Float into none Whilst deafening surrounds It’s when your soul Gets lost, gets found. Then pour imagery, Like wine from cask To free your eyes And cast your mask. Spin virtual into Places of wonder Volcanic ash The sea deep under…


I’d take you to where heaven and hell collide, Where thoughts are dropped and connections ride, And once we’re there where sin begins, We’ll say a prayer to those who win. For what we want is not to race, To climb to shudder; climatic brace. What we want is to have some fun In rhythmic…

This WordPress commune

Words they are just words, Periods? A bloody mess. Apostrophes so possessive, Whilst commas give us breath. Ellipses have geometry, Colons are full of shit. Sentences are such punishment And semicolons continue it. Poetry dances stories and Prose, it sets them straight. Whatever your mind brings on, Gives birth to something great. Something you’ve created…