His heart and hers, played the same soulful tune. There song was never for the soloist’s weeping harp. MT

Sunset ne’er

Do I miss the night, The moon’s soft glow, the flickering stars, the serene dark cast? For when I open my eyes and they meet yours and I gaze upon that smiling adore; our sun takes flight, all day, all night e’er shining bright, enveloping moonlight, I don’t miss at all, that blackened sprawl of…

Feel more, Live more

Feeling the whole gambit of your emotions is the only way to truly experience joy and beauty. Understanding that and believing that? Two very different things! Keep on your journey. Trust in the process. MT

Take me with you

Take me with you On the journey that you’re on. Speak with the silent whispers From the place that I am from. Take me with you My bright spark will guide your way. From that ego-minded self To my space of warmth today.

Future’s Kiss

There will never be a future occurrence of your heart beating next to mine. No fingers entwined, eyes locked on yours, staring into your rich veins of depth.