She had eyes that could burn a hole in the sun.


You’re not ever done; The tree is still growing. ~ Mark Thompson

> UY Scuti

Even the biggest, the brightest of stars, burns e’er so dim, compared to you. For you are a star, not in the making; you are a star in all of your being. I would burn my lips for a taste of yours, send my hands to ash to caress your flesh; I would sweat your…


Into the abyss Of cavernous bliss Where kisses get inhaled And bodies get nailed MT

A-Z: The understudy’s yearn

A Burning Candle Drips Essence From Guarded Halls, Illuminating Joy-filled Knights Lancing Maidens Nearing Orgasmic Pleasure. A Questioning, Rogue Soy taper Toys with the Understudy Venting on Wood; Xylographing Yearning Zebras. MT

Derailed (w. Poet Girl Em)

So over the past week or so I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working on the following collaboration with a fairly decent Seattle-based poet, Poet Girl Em. Now, when I say fairly decent, that is the Aussie way of downplaying someone’s talents.  Emily’s writings, musings and recordings are phenomenal and it has been an absolute pleasure…


In Winter’s frost Cold bodies share, A sumptuous meal, A delicious faire. A delicious faire? Like a feasting lion, Teeth gnashing flesh, Of a kill still dying. She wants his lead, To be enslaved, In the freezing cold Of night’s draped shade. He needs her so, Shadows to her door, They touch — a brush,…