The key

There is a key to a piece of my heart for the one; the one who says, “Daddy.” The one who’s my son. So when searching for love in this heart just for you, know that my little boy has a piece of it too. MT

You are NOT my whole world

You are not my whole world You are not my everything You are you my son And that means so much more Lincoln, this life is an open book of unwritten pages and that my dear boy is never going to change.  Each chapter of life will overflow with the pen-strokes of experience and connection, and…


When you’re gone, why can I feel, Your presence close, your smell so real? The changing guard, it rips my heart Tears aorta, valves, whole worlds apart. A missing piece, the touch we share, The joyful laugh, your character bare. When you’re gone it takes so much, To not get lost, not fall apart. I…

Live like a two-year old

Seeing the world through the eyes of a two-year old child should remind us all just how wonderful this universe is.  They inspire and bring joy to everyone who takes the time to interact with them and observe their actions. It’s almost impossible for your heart not to melt in their presence, for they are…

Tomorrow is Today (Captured Sons)

I’m proud of you son, Dad. Six words that have resonated with me for years. Six words etched into a tombstone at the Kanchanaburi War Memorial, Thailand. The tombstone of a 19 year old soldier. Someone’s son, someone’s world:

One Day (Imagine)

“One more song Daddy.” “Okay. Which one mate?” “Lennon.” “Imagine there’s no heaven, da-do-do-do-dooo, it’s easy if you try…” How can you say no to that?  Well, after three hours of singing John Lennon’s Imagine for what seemed like the hundredth time, spattered between

Dreaming of blue giraffes

He’s a message in a bottle locked in time out at sea. He’s a message of love, so untainted and so free: His tears are like daggers, his laughter like wine.

My greatest love

He’s asleep right now, so perfectly still.  I stare at him in wonder and disbelief.  My path through life, it must have been perfect.  If not, then how would he be here?  How would I be sitting in this room watching him float off into a world of dreams with that beautifully intense look of…