Distant land

Every night she would dream of a far off distant land. Battling for air on Mars. ~ Mark Thompson

You can change the world

If you can inspire another person, to see the world in a more positive light, you can change the world. Through the work that you do, the smile that you wear, the words that you share, and the actions that you take; you can change the world, for them. You see, each of us has…


A cicada shell hits the dirt.  ~ Mark Thompson

Wind blown

On Spring’s swirling tide, The leaf drifts upon the wind; Drifts in search of home. ~ Mark Thompson


Somewhere, a caterpillar flaps her wings. MT


If what you said inspired someone else; if what you wrote woke up a tired mind; if what you shared opened a closed heart, would words speak louder than actions? Change the world MT


Soaring high above yesterday The only way to play today MT


A mirror, broken or not Reflects your thoughts Never your image. MT


Reflections Not mirrored. Like puddles Just different. Ever changing Forever grateful. MT

Green is the new blue

What if you brought up a child to believe that a knife was a fork and a fork was a knife and in there formative years, that’s all they knew. Then eventually, someone challenged their way of thinking.  Who would be right?  Is there a right answer?  Is it any different to growing up in…