Passion drives everything that we do. From our work, our play, our love. Feel it in your core, and go out and explore; your true self. You are exactly who the world needs.


We are all a dream in draft. MT

Wildlife Ahead

Embrace that wild road ahead. Enjoy all that is yet to be written. Love life. MT


If what you said inspired someone else; if what you wrote woke up a tired mind; if what you shared opened a closed heart, would words speak louder than actions? Change the world MT


What she could see in a beautiful flower is all that he could see in her. MT


I made a wish on a shooting star, coursing through the blackened sky. It was not for me it was for you. I wished you well. Oh to see you fly. MT

Forest Fire

On this day when the fire god rises and begins it’s climb from slumbered dark to float beyond horizon’s edge in distant peak of burning spark. Drench and bathe in that fiery orb And dare to dream and chase the globe. Take on the all your meant to be, Let fear release in passing strobe….


Forever sailing MT

Blog Post 100!!! (Green Frog – audio)

I just wanted to say thank you to every single one of you for taking time to read one, all or any of my blog posts this year; from those in this fabulous online WordPress community, to family and to friends.  You are all apart of me in your stories, your ways, your hearts.  Thank you,…

Pay Attention

When self-doubt rolls along, when your fears swell within, when your journey seems stalled and your minds eye’s wearing thin. Ask that simple question, “What’s stopping me?” Then smile.   Smile at that true self, smile at that one you are, the one you’re becoming and do what that reptilian mind is telling you not…