When I gaze into your eyes and hear your thoughts in carefree bliss, when I grab your ass and place a hand behind your neck to pull you near, taking in your breath holding each so dear. I can feel your pulse and that sense of care, my soul caressed in conscience aware, you opened…


You are reborn, not in death but in seconds; every moment of your life. Your thought just now, was a thought just then. Tick. That second, just then, is over.


He was like stone and she, like flint. Apart they could be, but together they sparked in passionate dance; fierce, fiery romance. MT

Sunset ne’er

Do I miss the night, The moon’s soft glow, the flickering stars, the serene dark cast? For when I open my eyes and they meet yours and I gaze upon that smiling adore; our sun takes flight, all day, all night e’er shining bright, enveloping moonlight, I don’t miss at all, that blackened sprawl of…

River girl

This is the story, about a boy drenched in the warming depths of ego-less joy. Who met a girl only known, in nightscapes dreamt, visions shown. Oh such a beautiful sight by silent river that night. She took him by surprise, he allowed a shift, climb and rise; Sweeping love through a pieced heart, allowing…


I would drown myself in your soul-filled eyes and slip away from here drenched; quenched in knowing such a beautiful demise. MT