What if youwere going about your day,when all of a suddena giant so large,so completely unfathomable,stomped on your world,destroying everythingyou had come to know. Your home destroyed,your village, your crops,your friends, your family,life snuffed out,life disregarded,destroyed in an instant. What if wewere all antsto a giant? Think about that next time you step on an…


She was his North. ~ Mark Thompson

Heart of gold

Her heart’s not of gold as a good heart should be. It was molded from birth through ash-filled past days, mistakes and dismay. Through times so unjust, fear-fuelled through mistrust, dripping muddy-teared faces and tempting memory erases. The lessons now known gave her heart the way, in compassionate trust to see through the storm, to…


I want to breathe in your breath. I want to breathe it in until I don’t even know if it’s your breath or mine that we’re inhaling; Whether it’s your breath or mine filling our lungs. ~ Mark Thompson


He looked upon her like a child watching fireworks; for the very first time.


A footnote told their story.* ~ Mark Thompson *


She gave away her heart like a bee gives away it’s sting.


She was the graffiti-covered wall. Her atoms were bricks, forged in a furnace of moments, her mortar holding them tight. She was drenched in the paint of those who touched her. Layered in angst; coloured with love; splashed in memories; peeling with scars. She weathered the storms and accepted her cracks, and loved every inch…


Billions of neurons firing, and the strongest of pathways are for you. ~ Mark Thompson