open. unravel. embrace.



I’m sitting here on the beach in a state of total relaxation and reflective calm.  I can feel the late afternoon sun gently stroking my back, warming me and reminding me again that this universe is something far bigger than any single one of us.

It’s captivating, watching the ocean just be.  The endlessly expansive water dancing in the golden sunlight, stretching out far beyond the horizon, sinking down far below the surface, teeming with undiscovered life and beauty.

Listening to the waves tumbling in and crashing onto the shore, happily playing their own music with powerful energy and purpose.  It’s so joyously peaceful yet so chaotic.  The light and the darkness.

The ocean is much like my mind.  There’s the sometimes chaotic surface dance and then there is the undiscovered territory below.  The deep within, which I’m on a journey to open, unravel and embrace.  These are my musings and writings.  Enjoy the show.  The light and darkness.

Wishing you eternal happiness.


Mona Vale Beach | 20 January 2016


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