Tree of life

That tree of life
so old and wise
has seen so much
beneath it’s ‘guise.
The prosperous churn
of the human burn,

imploding itself
in changes bold,
no sense of life
in new from old.
Just ignorance cast
On journey’s past.

That tree of life
looks on in fear
as we the man
leave nature smeared,
in rubbled decay,
in consumption’s way.

Like a virus we spread
enveloping host,
acknowledging less
of what matters most.
For most you see,
for you and me,

it is not that plant
or granduous tree
that takes our breath,
it’s insecurity.
In a search for meaning
we end up bleeding,

destroying the land
on this human race,
beauty left flawed
taking all it’s space.
In not knowing our why
we burn bless-ed sky

and leave that tree
in a world of pain
to selectively stand
in a barren plain
of brothers gone;
felled concrete throng.

That tree of life
a reminder still
of Mother Earth’s gift
in surrounded spill
of human progress,
such a bloodied mess.

When really
all we need to know
is that tree wise
is all that grows;
a connected test
amongst this progress.

So stand tall, be free
poor world in strife,
appreciate Earth
learn from it’s life.
Spread your energy
feel synchronicity;
let nature be,
simply know that tree.

~ Mark Thompson


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Emily says:

    Beautiful, M.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mark says:

      Thanks Em 💚

      Liked by 1 person

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