Each time that you, discover something new, a feeling serene leaves me deep within, in an awe stricken state; a great meal’s finished plate. I watch closely your eyes, no trace of despise, only wonderment known, a love boundless shown. Each time that you, are deliciously you; Every moment today, ever present always. You understand…


…and when we’re done I’ll take in the sweat on the nape of your neck; every nectar-filled drop of sweet-released pore, whilst you writhe in surrender At night’s nearing more. ~ Mark Thompson


I want to breathe in your breath. I want to breathe it in until I don’t even know if it’s your breath or mine that we’re inhaling; Whether it’s your breath or mine filling our lungs. ~ Mark Thompson


He looked upon her like a child watching fireworks; for the very first time.


A footnote told their story.* ~ Mark Thompson *


She gave away her heart like a bee gives away it’s sting.


She was the graffiti-covered wall. Her atoms were bricks, forged in a furnace of moments, her mortar holding them tight. She was drenched in the paint of those who touched her. Layered in angst; coloured with love; splashed in memories; peeling with scars. She weathered the storms and accepted her cracks, and loved every inch…


Billions of neurons firing, and the strongest of pathways are for you. ~ Mark Thompson