A rock once thrived with life. ~ Mark Thompson

10,000 visitors

10,000 visitors to my blog since my reconnection with writing began in Feb last year!  Over 200 posts; the WordPress community is truly a hive of delicious honey. I have so much appreciation for all of you who have inspired, read and enjoyed my musings and words. Much love to you all especially during this…

Melting moments

She was the well-carved sculptured ice, crafted in Icelandic form, a million years before her dawn, so beautiful in every way. She glistened in that crystal shine, crying in the midday sun, dripping stories still untold, on that warming Summer’s day.

Distant land

Every night she would dream of a far off distant land. Battling for air on Mars. ~ Mark Thompson


When she smiled, it was like every unbloomed flower had just met the first rays of Spring.


Floating upon a topless wave, nearing the peaks that crash to shore. The message drifts in glass cocoon Corked in a time of hope marooned. From a time when a message meant so much; like a musician’s soul; a lover’s touch. Forgotten heed on lost sea scroll meets foreign land; a distant tongue. Past dialect…

Timeless taste

And when she was done so was he, as he placed a hand upon her chest coming to rest on her racing heart, not ever apart, in this moment’s bliss. And when he was done so was she, her subtle plume, oh that sweet perfume in glowing grace, filling the room, transcending the void with…


How you perceive the world is how you perceive the world. ~ Mark Thompson


A toddler immersed in deepened sleep The morning’s waves on glassy bay A rooster’s call well before dawn’s break The piercing wind on windless day. The fridge in hum, mid blackout’s pitch The blooming bulb’s growth on sun’s ray Rusting tractor’s toil in paddock green A non-present thought in this present scene. ~ Mark Thompson

I am

Puzzles are for piecing Minds are for quieting Creative flows grow In the consciousness of being. I am. ~ Mark Thompson