A cicada shell hits the dirt.  ~ Mark Thompson

You are important

Don’t allow another person to walk all over you or put you down, and don’t ever make excuses for their actions.  You are worth so much more.  You have a voice, and you have feet; use them.  Those that you wish to spend your life with should encourage your growth and never cut you down…


Origins A family home Babies born A loving tone Five grew here And so many more A yard of wonder To explore Backyard of grass The concrete path To garaged back Wooden table’s hearth Those wooden steps To piled rocks Where mud pies baked Incinerator pops The gardened walls The climbing tree Way to the…


We call Pluto a dwarf planet. The sun looks down at us and laughs. ~ Mark Thompson

Ikea shopping aftermath

Another hole to screw, to thrust dowel into. No words needed, whilst tracing images of design. Just Allen twisting her tight, Swedish form. ~ Mark Thompson


Be you as fuck. ~ Mark Thompson

Remembering the future

You can remember your future, just as you remember the past. ~ Mark Thompson A simple, yet powerful sentence passed on to me yesterday.  200th post, thanks for visiting!

Check (a king’s song)

He enters, not exits Stage left To continue the song To re-create in Self reflection; To grow and know Times shifting Bliss. To know That present, engulfed In wonder and joy Of all he has That can’t be taken; His values His morals His truth. Bought in journey Paid in respect Given in kind Received…

“You are beautiful”

When those words leave my lips and travel the distance between us, reaching your ears no matter if you are near or far from here, Know that I am not talking about your exterior; I am talking about your whole. ~ Mark Thompson

Wind blown

On Spring’s swirling tide, The leaf drifts upon the wind; Drifts in search of home. ~ Mark Thompson