When our vessel’s stripped back,
so open and bare,
these meshings of life,
and moments we share.

When our skin is torn free,
bones, flesh sent to flight,
when the physical self,
drifts off to the night;

There’s one thing that’s left,
the source of all being
That beats out our life,
and gives you and I meaning.

It’s the valve-laden core,
that tunes souls ever true,
It’s our heart that guides all,
deep within me and you.

Now I want you to take
my centre so dear,
and hold it e’er tender,
without doubt, without fear.

It’s my gift just for you,
without it I have none,
but with you I have all,
caress us like the sun.

Let it shine on your world,
warming every last piece,
let it bleed in your hands,
let my heart flows release.