This whole sad world is just not right.

When one is buried in another’s plight,
when fear turns into blackened days,
and bombs are dropped in hate and rage.

It is just not right, the carnage left,
when a child screams in crimson bled;
let border lines be smeared instead!
Then none would drown in pools of red.

If only we saw it from afar,
overview effect from space and star
We would see no need for border patrol,
or to make up stories to explain all.

If no meaning was needed for natural death,
Then deities born would have no breath,
then fear of those not of our own,
would never breed, no hatred grown.

When we take away excuses made,
then we all live free, from canal to grave.
All as one, to protect and serve
each living being, this whole brilliant world.


Just fucking love one another some more.

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