The Overview Effect

This whole sad world is just not right. When one is buried in another’s plight, when fear turns into blackened days, and bombs are dropped in hate and rage. It is just not right, the carnage left, when a child screams in crimson bled; let those border lines be smeared instead, then none would drown in pools…

> UY Scuti

Even the biggest, the brightest of stars, burns e’er so dim, compared to you. For you are a star, not in the making; you are a star in all of your being. I would burn my lips for a taste of yours, send my hands to ash to caress your flesh; I would sweat your…


His heart and hers, played the same soulful tune. There song was never for the soloist’s weeping harp. MT


When my eyes met hers and gazed upon that soul, it was then that I learned to appreciate the gift of sight like never before. MT Always eat your carrots.


He was like stone and she, like flint. Apart they could be, but together they sparked in passionate dance; fierce, fiery romance. MT


Somewhere, a caterpillar flaps her wings. MT