This is the story, about a boy
drenched in the warming depths
of ego-less joy.
Who met a girl only known,
in nightscapes dreamt, visions shown.
Oh such a beautiful sight
by silent river
that night.

She took him by surprise,
he allowed a shift, climb and rise;
Sweeping love through a pieced heart,
allowing fears break apart;
seeping through each of his pores,
leaving him breathless for more.

She made absence so dear,
brought forth intentions so clear;
kindling his passion, his soul,
breaching each and every placed wall,
of fort built as a guard,
against expectation’s facade.

She made all senses gel
in a divine, blissful swell
of a heart’s journey found
floating on that great sound,
swimming deep in that ocean
of accepting devotion.

Oh that warm, gentle kiss
of such an incredible Miss,
taking in sultry sips
of those heroin-laden lips,
craving only for more
of her bodice to explore;

of that deeply awoken
gentle soul, softly spoken,
perfect imperfect shine
of melting smile, so fine,
heart’s flame set asunder,
giving his mind into wonder;

of what more was to come
on this day’s endless sojourn.