She stalks her prey through grasses tall, in savannah brown, dressed for this ball. This dance begins downwind of breeze, queen lioness on bended knee. Hunched low in dress so still in wait; a drying pool, the zebra bait. A shift in wind stripes pick the scent so startled now queen in descent. She lunges…


We are all a dream in draft. MT

Sunset ne’er

Do I miss the night, The moon’s soft glow, the flickering stars, the serene dark cast? For when I open my eyes and they meet yours and I gaze upon that smiling adore; our sun takes flight, all day, all night e’er shining bright, enveloping moonlight, I don’t miss at all, that blackened sprawl of…

A universe peaking

In your design, the universe fused together every cell; tuning your all into a perfectly harmonized frequency of energy, to use as a yardstick for creating beauty. MT


and the most beautiful part, there was no thought of an ending; MT


It was just like the beginning, Every time they met. Mark Thompson


In momentary bliss of entwining kiss I breath in that plume of olfactory consume, your sweet-cherished scent my guard in descent, forevermore. MT

Thinking simplistically

It was the chicken. How can you have an egg without the chicken? This conversation is over. MT