Insomnia wakens fucked up scenes;
twisted wrecks of nightmare dreams.
Of falling skies and screeching wails;
a child’s prayer, leaky junkets in sail.
For freedoms sake, escaping townships burnt,
leaving family dead, scars, lessons learnt.
Fleeing insipid regimes of power-greed
and murdered crops of mouths in need.

So many in need stand on that bow,
I fear for that ship now swept in howl.
Drifting, coursing to new found land,
cutting waves; oh please God reach this sand.
Let her fear subside in wandering bliss
come to us now sweet, gentle miss.
We’ll take you all, ‘spite media spin,
let this nightmare end, let freedom win.

Please feel their why and ask of how,
fuck sleep deprived, it’s lost for now.
Feel their loss, not orchestrated’s gain,
for they are one, and all the same.
Drop your ignorant bliss for differing plights,
They’ve dreams like you; universal rights.
Arrive and thrive from across the sea,
we have space for you, for us, for we.


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