Spinning, drifting,
From side to side.
An erratic journey,
A challenging ride.
One wheel stuck firm
Another in shudder,
This portable prison
Oh god-damned! Needs a rudder!

This struggle is real
As you twist to and fro,
Crashing into the sides
Of each aisle, each row.
I should have carried out studies
When you were with your buddies,
Taken heed of the signs
And just chosen more wisely.

But in this dancing bliss
Of shopping trolley awry,
Is found poetry’s kiss
In the blink of an eye.
And whilst the battle was hard
At least I’ll know this,
Next time that I shop
I’ll be in absolute bliss.

When I travel the store
With your friend who’s so smooth,
Gliding the aisles
In search of some food,
I’ll think grateful thoughts
For the one that I found,
And remember you fond
With your one wheel bound.
You pain-in-the-arse, metallic cage!