In her eyes he saw adventures yet to be taken; whole worlds yet to explore. MT

Wildlife Ahead

Embrace that wild road ahead. Enjoy all that is yet to be written. Love life. MT

Your light

Is that the sun’s reflection on the moon tonight, or is it your light peering upon it? MT

The write-side of the brain

Let ink tattoo that fine-grained plain, bleeding life into every fibrous pore. Let pen strokes rest in synchronized mess; undress your right, take flight, explore. MT


I would drown myself in your soul-filled eyes and slip away from here drenched; quenched in knowing such a beautiful demise. MT


I like your filthy mind. The way you describe that gutter is so irresistibly divine. MT


If what you said inspired someone else; if what you wrote woke up a tired mind; if what you shared opened a closed heart, would words speak louder than actions? Change the world MT


Her smile was his only addiction. MT


If you could see inside my mind, you would never need a mirror again. MT


The only thing I want to wear on this horizon’s blackened end, is your touch. MT