She will forever be
that mystery wrapped in beauty,
those secret eyes of wonder
that seldom meet your gaze.

A silent grace bestows her,
a black swan she glides the lake,
whilst beneath the surface
churning; buttery salted cream.

A total soul of wonder,
dripping bodice of a goddess,
dancing with her light
and frolicking in her shade.

Appreciate her expanding all,
that free-spirit clear to roam.
Her energy so atomic,
that mind of intrigue, so unknown.

A beautiful depth of ‘ter,
with her secrets kept so close,
a wicked side emblazoned
with that smile of so much worth.

For she’s a wild horse unbroken,
now present and held bare,
that sexy sway, those soul-filled eyes
forever lost in there.

Place a hand so deep inside her
feel the pendulum of that heart,
let her warmth drip from within,
let it tear you all apart.

Then dress her up in kind that muse,
bless all her blood and bone,
Shed tears of joy down her soft skin,
Open up to how you’ve grown.

For she is a soul unique
from any you’ve been shown,
one like you entranced
in wonderment of yet known.

And she is all just her,
And you are all just you,
With love bless all her being,
her feminine e’er deep in you.